Betanofly 2

The multi-rotor aircraft can be unpacked and ready for shooting in less than five minutes. It is easy to fly, powerful, robust, adaptable and reliable
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The multi-rotor aircraft can be unpacked and ready for shooting in less than five minutes. It is easy to fly, powerful, sturdy, adaptable, reliable, and is a drone optimized for a 15-pound payload. Under the guidance of our most advanced SYNAPSE flight controller, use our drone to confidently fly RED, ARRI and other professional cameras. You can choose to mount the MōVI on the top to capture cinematic aerial shots like never before.

Heavy equipment, cumbersome installation and maintenance, inefficient camera settings, and blurred images reduce the efficiency and fun of creation. All of this will be a thing of the past! Experience the resonance of new technology and soul, break free from shackles, and release inspiration.
The innovative fuselage deformation design is adopted, and the high-strength carbon fiber arm can be lifted up at the touch of a button during flight, and the landing gear is retracted, so that the camera is 360 degrees unobstructed. You can freely choose the shooting angle and create as you like.
The new 13-inch quick-release propeller is made of light and strong carbon fiber composite material, and its proprietary high-efficiency aerodynamic design brings excellent flight performance and high stability.
Initiating the era of brushless motor power for aircrafts, when designing the power system, we have further improved the brushless motor. The advanced curved magnetic pole design reduces the motor air gap, enhances the uniformity of the magnetic field, and greatly improves the motor efficiency.
The motor uses a single strand of high-density winding instead of multiple strands of copper wire, and the coils are arranged more closely, which reduces the resistance and improves the efficiency of the motor. The built-in centrifugal pump increases the airflow around the coil, and the heat dissipation effect is stronger, which greatly increases the life of the motor.
Equipped with an advanced sine wave ESC, compared with the traditional square wave ESC, not only the control is more precise, but also the efficiency is greatly improved. The ESC adopts a series of customized patented algorithms, provides advanced functions such as functional surplus and closed-loop torque control, bringing higher efficiency and reliability.
Standard large-capacity smart battery, built-in smart battery management system, to provide better protection for the battery.

During the flight, the remaining battery power will be displayed on the smart app in real time, and the system will automatically analyze and calculate the power and time required for return and landing, avoiding the worry of insufficient power at all times.

The smart battery will display the voltage of each cell, the total number of charges and discharges, and the health status of the entire battery. All of this can better escort your flight.

weight 2845g
Maximum take-off weight 3500 g
GPS hovering accuracy Vertical: ±0.5 m
Level: ±2.5 m
Maximum rotational angular velocity Pitch axis: 300°/s; Pan axis: 150°/s
Maximum pitch angle 35°
Maximum ascent speed 5 m/s
Maximum descent speed 4 m/s
Maximum horizontal flight speed 79km/h or 22 m/s (in ATTI mode, there is no wind near sea level)
Maximum takeoff altitude Ordinary paddle: 2500 m; Plateau paddle: 4500 m
Maximum tolerable wind speed 10 m/s
Maximum flight time About 18 minutes
Model of power motor 3510
Propeller model 1345T
Indoor positioning hover Standard configuration
Working environment temperature -10° C to 40° C
wheelbase 559 mm (without propeller, landing mode)

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